How Can You Get Degree Certificate Attestation In India ?

Educational certificates and degrees are crucial documents that you might wish to get attested for several reasons. Having these documents verified comes in handy when you need to prove your document’s legality. Completing the attestation procedure for educational degrees is a must for people who are considering migrating to a new country. Most countries allow only those candidates to procure a visa who have completed certificate attestation successfully. Here is a detailed narration of how this procedure works!

What is degree certificate attestation?

Degree certificate refers to the document that you are given after you have completed your graduation/post-graduation or your diploma course. Having a degree is an essential requirement for higher education or for acquiring a job. The degree certificates are initially issued from the college from where you have completed your studies. They work as proof of your academic qualification. Now, when you are moving to a different nation, getting your degree certificate attested is necessary. The attestation legalizes your educational certificate and authenticates its trustworthiness. Thus, when you move to a foreign country, the government will be sure of its legality and the value of the credentials.

Why is certificate attestation necessary?

The certificate attestation procedure requires the applicant to acquire the attestation stamp from the concerned Indian officials. This stamp authenticates your documents and proves its trustworthiness. Now, getting this stamp on your papers before you move to a foreign nation is crucial because of several reasons-

  • Many countries hold degree certificate attestation as the eligibility criterion for procuring visas for their nation because they only want skilled and educated people to enter their borders. Thus, certificate attestation is crucial.
  • The degree certificate attestation is an essential process because it helps individuals in landing a job. The completed attestation procedure builds trust in the employer regarding your qualifications, and thus, it makes things easier for you.
  • Certificate attestation is necessary if you are moving to another nation to attain higher education. No University in the new country will offer you admission until you submit before them your attested certificates.
  • If you are moving to a new country for the long term and want to apply for that nation’s resident visa, you would need to show your attested educational certificates.

Thus, these are some reasons that depict the significance of getting your certificates attested before shifting to a new place.

What is the certificate attestation procedure?

The certificate attestation procedure in India is quite lengthy and complicated, so people generally opt to hire the services of a reliable attestation agency to get the work done quickly and smoothly. Here is a detailed narration of how this process works out-

  • Regional level-

In the first step, the applicant needs to submit his educational documents to the university where he has completed his education. The officials there will complete the first level of the attestation process.

  • State level-

When you have completed the university level attestation, in the next step, visit the Human Resource Department (HRD) in your state to get your papers legalized. The officials here will complete the second step of the educational attestation process.

  • MEA level-

The Ministry of External Affairs is the highest office in India that deals with foreign matters. In this step, you need to carry your documents to the MEA, where a stamp will be put on your papers, which will act as proof of their authenticity.

  • Embassy attestation

This is the last step in the degree certificate attestation process. It is carried out by the officials of the destination country. In order to complete this step, you need to visit the Embassy/ Consulate of the country where you are planning to move.

Once you have finished the embassy attestation, the process of degree certificate attestation is deemed completed. Now, you can easily procure the visa of your destination country if everything else works out well.

How long is the certificate attestation procedure?

As we have already witnessed, the degree certificate attestation process is quite long. The procedure requires you to navigate through several steps and to visit many offices in order to complete the task. Now, it is hard to say the exact number of days it will take to complete the attestation because of so many levels. However, we can tell you that generally, it takes about a couple of weeks to get everything done. But in the case, there are some issues the process can take a bit longer too. 


The degree certificate attestation process is a very crucial step in the migration process. Your attested educational certificates and other documents help you prove your qualifications and your trustworthiness to your employers or partners. Thus, the attestation process assists your move by making things easy for you.

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