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UAE is a preferred destination for many people who want to move away from India, their native country, to a foreign nation in search of better jobs and growth opportunities. It is one of those popularly known nations that welcome foreigners and encourages them to stay there for work or business purposes. This is apparently why every year, thousands of Indians migrate to the UAE to either start their business chain or to hunt jobs to support their livelihood.

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of 7 places, namely- Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm-Al Quwain, Al Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah. So, when you complete the UAE Embassy attestation, you become eligible to migrate to any of these 7 Emirates. Completing the UAE attestation, therefore, is an integral part of the process of moving to the UAE. Without finishing this step, you will find it challenging to navigate your way in this country’s foreign system. Thus, it is heavily recommended to only rely upon dependable UAE attestation services for finishing this job.

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What is the UAE embassy attestation?

UAE embassy attestation refers to the process of verifying documents, which is carried out at different levels of the government so that you become a permissible individual to apply for the visa of the United Emirates Arab. Only when you have completed this process can you become eligible to start a business or hold on to a UAE job. The certificate attestation for the UAE provides authentication to your records and can only be carried out by authorized people from the government.

Why is the UAE attestation necessary?

The UAE embassy attestation is essential because it is useful for procuring work visa, resident visa, student visa, etc. Having your certificates attested proves that you are a genuine person who is visiting the UAE for the right reasons and not because of any ill will. The attestation works as a filter that only approves legal documents. Moreover, having attested papers aids in building a reliable and trusting relationship between two people in business or the employer and employee. Owning authenticated records assures them of your honesty and dependability.

What is the procedure for document attestation for UAE?

One can complete the document authentication  procedure for UAE of his personal, business, and educational documents. The whole procedure is quite long and covers several steps, which is why it is better to outsource this service from a reliable embassy attestation organization. On the whole, this process requires interaction with four departments of the government. They are-

In the first step of the UAE embassy attestation, you can visit the notary or the educational university that initially issued the documents that need to be certified. Your documents like your birth or marriage certificates or your diploma or graduation degrees will have to pass from here. However, if you are attesting commercial documents, then, in that case, you will have to visit the Chamber of Commerce to legalize the documents.

After getting the regional legalization, the second step involves presenting the documents before the state government. At this level, there are three different organizations- the Human Resource Department (HRD), the State Home Department (SHD), and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). You can present your documents before any one of these departments as per your requirement. Once your papers pass from this level, the state government attestation will be completed.

At the native government level, this is considered the last step where the Central level body that is the Ministry of External Affairs or MEA authenticates the documents. At this level, your documents get a stamp from the MEA that works as proof of their attestation. After this, the third step is deemed completed.

After the attestation by the MEA, the last step involves visiting the embassy of the concerned country, which in this case, would be the Embassy of UAE. This step is the final stage in the attestation process, where the UAE Embassy verifies your documents, after which the UAE embassy certification procedure completes.

Note: In the case of Gulf attestation, after this step, there is an additional step that needs to be completed, which is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation.

Personal Document Attestation for UAE

The personal document attestation for UAE involves getting your personal documents like your birth or death certificates legalized before migrating to a foreign nation. In this procedure, after getting your documents verified by the notary, at the state level, one needs to visit the Home Department or the SDM Attestation office. This kind of attestation is usually required for obtaining a residential visa.

Commercial Documents Attestation for UAE

Commercial documents offer evidence of your business capital, and procuring certificate attestation for UAE for these documents is essential if you are moving to UAE for business or employment purposes.

Educational Documents Attestation for UAE

If you are getting your educational documents legalized before visiting the UAE, then the procedure will vary depending upon the place of origin. So, if you are a resident of Maharashtra and your documents are issued by the Maharashtra government, then at the state level, you will have to visit the Home Department to verify your documents. However, if they were issued outside of Maharashtra, you need to worry about getting the SDM attestation finished before getting the MEA stamp.

For those documents for which the HRD is compulsory, you will need to get your documents verified at the university level and then at the HRD level. After completing these steps, you can forward your documents for the MEA attestation.

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