How Can You Complete Certificate Attestation for UAE?

In the past years, UAE has developed as a popular migrant destination where citizens from various countries move. A lot of Indians, every year, also shift to UAE. Some people move here in search of a job, some arrive here in the hopes of extending their business, and others come in order to complete their higher education. Now, whatever be your reason for migration, you would be happy to know that UAE is known for welcoming foreigners with open arms and for offering people some grand opportunities. But before doing so, the country ascertains its land’s safety by checking-in the legality of the movers. Like many other nations, UAE also goes through your documents to see if they are valid in order to make sure that you are not a fake who is trying to get into UAE for mischievous purposes. The procedure that UAE follows to ensure it is called Certificate Attestation for UAE.

Now, if you are another citizen of India who is considering moving to UAE so as to get hold of better opportunities, you would have to go through this process too. Here is a detailed narration of how this whole procedure works!

What is UAE document attestation?

UAE document attestation refers to the long process of getting your documents verified by the Indian officials at several levels and by the UAE Embassy in order to prove their authenticity. The procedure aids in ascertaining your trustworthiness to the UAE government. Moreover, it also comes in handy in building trust between you and your employer or you and your partner in the UAE. The UAE Embassy attestation process makes things so much easier for you and your job/business.

How does the certificate attestation procedure works?

The certificate attestation process for the UAE is a little long, and thus, it is considered a good idea to hire an attestation service to get the work done. The process consists of 4 steps.

  • Regional level

In the first step, you need to get your documents verified by the Notary or the University from where they were initially issued. However, in case you want to get your commercial documents certified, you should visit the Chambers of Commerce.

  • State Government

In the next step, the applicant needs to get his documents authenticated at the state level. For this, you can visit the Human Resource Department, the State Home Department, or the Sub-divisional Magistrate, as per your requirement.

  • MEA stamp

Once the state level authorization is completed, it’s time to visit the Ministry of External Affairs, India that will authenticate your documents by posting a stamp on your papers. When that is done, the attestation procedure will be completed from the end of Indian officials.

  • UAE Embassy Attestation

Embassy attestation is the last and the most crucial step in this whole process. The Embassy/Consulate carries out the notarial task where it attests the academic certificates, degrees, diplomas, marriage or birth certificates, power attorneys, etc. For the UAE Embassy attestation, the applicant must present the original documents and a photocopy of the papers, plus the original passport before the embassy. She must sign some documents before the embassy officer, who will satisfy himself of the executant’s identity by checking the passport. After the records are verified by the UAE embassy, the UAE embassy attestation will be deemed completed, following which the applicant will become eligible for getting a UAE visa.

How can you get certificate attestation for UAE?

As we have already witnessed, the procedure for completing the UAE attestation is quite lengthy and complicated. Thus, for someone who is not familiar with the process and has his hands full with other work, it is better to hire a reliable attestation service. Doing so will ensure that your UAE attestation work gets finished off smoothly. After you find yourself a trustworthy attestation service, all you will have to do is to hire them and send them your details and original documents. They will take care of the rest.

How long does it take to complete the attestation process?

Well, it is hard to say with certainty how long it takes to complete the UAE Embassy Attestation procedure. Really it all depends upon the type of documents you need to get attested, the state where the papers will be processed, the country you are considering moving to, etc. Generally, it takes a couple of weeks to get everything done if everything moves smoothly. However, it is vital to note down here that this timeline can get stretched or cut short, depending upon the circumstances.


Thus, UAE certificate attestation is a necessary process that everyone needs to complete before moving to the UAE. Completing the procedure is for your own benefit as it will only make things easier for you!

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