How Can You Complete Certificate Attestation for Qatar?

Certificate attestation for Qatar refers to the process of verification of personal, educational, or commercial documents by designated authorities of Qatar after the papers have been legalized by the Ministry of External Affairs, India. Completing the certificate attestation for Qatar is essential for those who are planning to visit Qatar, or such people might face problems in seeking employment or business opportunities in the new nation. Now, for those of you who are interested in understanding this process and would like to know more about it, here is how the certificate attestation for Qatar works.

Why is certificate attestation for Qatar important?

One must accomplish the certificate attestation process before visiting Qatar because of the following reasons-

  • If you are moving to Qatar and you have a child who will be going to school there, then it is recommended to finish off the process of legalization of educational documents because, without that, the child might not be seen as eligible to secure admission.
  • If you plan upon settling in Qatar and buying a house there, then having legalized documents is important for getting the family residence visa.
  • To apply for Qatar’s employment visa, a resident of some other nation needs to possess verified documents.
  • If you are moving to Qatar to get a higher education, it is essential to complete the attestation procedure.

What is the certificate attestation procedure for Qatar?

In 1961, when the Hague Convention was signed, Qatar was not a member nation. Thus, it requires people who are arriving from other countries to get their documents attested from the MEA and local government institutions before coming to Qatar. Once this step is completed, the records are then verified by the Qatar Embassy/ Qatar Consulate situated in the native nation. After that, the process of certificate attestation for Qatar is deemed completed. Here is how the process works at the expanded level-

  • Regional Level

This is the first step in the certificate verification process. At this level, the documents are verified by the designated local government officials at the Notary or University from where the documents were issued. In the case of commercial papers, the records are verified by the Chamber of Commerce.

  • State Government

The documents need to be verified by three different departments at the state level, depending upon the requirement. The State Home Department, the Sub-divisional Magistrate, and the Human Resource Department are the divisions that are responsible for completing this task. One needs to note here that the SDM operates independently of the state government, but the verification carried out by them is considered to be of the state level.

  • MEA Stamp

The MEA or Ministry of External Affairs is the last level of authentication required by the Indian government. At this level, the MEA issues a stamp that it puts on the legal papers, which act as proof of legalization. The Ministry of External Affairs, in India, is the top central level department that handles the foreign matters.

  • Embassy Attestation

After the MEA attestation is completed, which is the last step as far as the native country is concerned, the attested documents are carried to Qatar’s embassy. The designated personnel here verify the papers presented before them, and if everything goes right, the attestation procedure is completed at this step.

How long is the procedure of certificate attestation for Qatar?

The process of getting your documents attested for migrating to Qatar is quite long. As we have already witnessed, there are quite a few steps involved in this procedure. So, the number of days that one might need to finish the work can’t be determined with certainty. The period will mostly depend upon several factors like the type of documents, the number of records that you want to attest, and the state from where the regional attestation has to be completed. In general circumstances, where everything works out for the best, the procedure can take about 15 to 25 for completion. However, we have already discussed this time period can easily vary.

What are the popular documents that need to be attested?

The popular personal documents that people get attested include papers like birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree certificate, death certificate, medical certificate, etc. When it comes to educational documents, this list includes records like graduation degree, mark sheet, diploma certificate, etc. The documents like memorandum of association, power of attorney, and certificate of incorporation are the popular commercial documents that are generally legalized.


As we have already witnessed, the process of certificate attestation for Qatar is long and quite complicated. Thus, it is generally considered a good idea to hire a skilled and experienced certificate attestation service that has dealt with such tasks instead of trying to get the work done on your own.

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