Common Purposes of Attestation

Attestation is a legal term that states that every detail of the document is verified after being scrutinized, proving its authenticity. The document is authenticated with the sign and stamp of the verifying personnel so that it could be accepted easily in any country or wherever it is required. It proves the genuineness of the document. In India, it is done under the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in case of public documents. 

There could be different purposes for which the documents get attested. We are here to discuss some of the important purposes for attestation.


Employment is one of the most important purposes that require attestation as it has become a common practice among youth to move to a different country in the prospect of better employment opportunities and better pay packages. In this case, the legalization of the documents is required and it should be crisp enough so that it does not become a hurdle in achieving your target of moving to a foreign land. 

Some of the documents that are needed for the purpose are work permits, birth certificates, educational certificates, medical certificates, marriage certificates, etc. these become very crucial while applying for the visa and any error in it can become the cause of the cancellation of the visa. 


Another most important purpose that requires attestation is Education. In the pursuit of a bright career and an upgrade in lifestyle, students go abroad to pursue higher studies. These students must always get their educational documents legalized before going to another country. For this purpose, you require your certificates and biodata. Moreover, your diploma, degree, and personal documents like birth certificate, financial records, etc. Should all get attested and all this should be done in regard to the country you are traveling to. For this purpose, there are many agencies of attestation services in Delhi available, that can help you with this purpose and can make the whole process hassle-free for you.  


If you are planning to adopt a child from a foreign country then it brings with it a lot of paperwork that needs legalization. As it is itself a tedious task when done in one’s own country but if you are adopting a child from a foreign land then it becomes more time-consuming and requires a lot of documentation for adoption and adoption deed attestation. These would not only include documents of the child you are planning to adopt, but also the documents of the parents that need approval in both the countries where the parents and the child belong to respectively. Moreover, in this case, the child’s immigration records and other important documents related to it are needed to be attested as It is needed for the child’s safety.


Marriage and divorce themselves have their complexities and if you are going abroad then in order to prove your identity and the status of your relationship a certificate attestation is needed. This will make sure that the rights and identity of your spouse internationally are protected. This makes it easier for a couple to venture into a foreign country easily. 

In case if a couple is not together, they need to file a divorce certificate and get it attested. This can open doors for you if you want to remarry someone living in a foreign land.  


Businesses are touching new horizons with the passing years and the rise of globalization has really contributed to it. They Are moving abroad to expand their businesses as they find the prospective market more profitable and also because they want to reach out to larger audiences across the world. While doing so, a lot of documents are required that have to go through the process of attestation. Some of the important papers that become part of the process of attestation are business registration, financial statements, certificate of origin, tax records, articles of association, and memorandum of association attestation and are needed for the smooth running of the business in a foreign land.

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