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MEA attestation in India is a quite complex and lengthy process that some people can reasonably find overwhelming. However, that said, it is significant to recognize that MEA certificate attestation is an essential step that one must carry out if he/she is moving abroad or planning to move overseas shortly for purposes like education, business, travel, or health and well-being. Thus, in order to make your work easy, our organization,  Certificate Attestation, a Ministry of External Affairs attestation Service, toils hard to manage the authentication of documents. Doing so ensures that our customers don’t find it very difficult to navigate the foreign system.

Is MEA documents attestation important?

MEA attestation is a significant step that you have to go through if you plan on leaving your native country to move to a new space in search of better opportunities. It is so because when you are applying for Visa or arranging for getting an embassy authentication done, the authorities primarily ask for the Ministry of External Affairs attestation. These documents are also useful in obtaining resident visa, student visa, and work visa in many countries.

Also, if you are about to continue your education on foreign land or plan on expanding your business abroad, arranging for the legalization of your documents is a wise decision as it helps you avoid any future hurdles. The MEA Attestation also comes in handy when you wish to hire candidates from foreign nations. The MEA certificate attestation for Kuwait, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc. is necessary for educational or personal documents like birth certificate, degree certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

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MEA Attestation in India 

As we have already underlined, the Ministry of External Affairs attestation is essential for completing the move to another country as it proves the legality or authenticity of your documents to the officials in another country. But before scoring this Central level attestation, one has to complete the authentication procedure from governmental divisions like Notary and HRD. Only then can one approach the external affairs department. The officials of the state government or the Union territory that have issued the documents in the past can help you complete the initial steps of this procedure. A list of authorities and regional centers that you should note down as they can assist you in this process is displayed on the MEA website

What is the procedure of MEA attestation in Delhi?In the process of authenticating your educational, personal, or commercial documents, there are several steps involved that one needs to complete to finish the procedure. The various MEA attestation services can help you in carrying out such actions smoothly and efficiently. Here is how this procedure works.

Step #1 Authentication of documents

When you seek the legalization of your personal documents that entail papers like your birth certificate, marriage certificate, migration certificate, driving licenses, affidavits, etc. you first need to approach the State Home Department of the state/UT that has issued the said certificate. The legalization here will be completed with the name and designation seal, plus the department’s seal. Thus, the step will be considered completed.

In the case of the commercial documents like your memorandum of association, commercial invoice, power of attorney, board resolution, authority letter, etc., pre-authentication by the chamber of commerce is essential, and only then the documents can be forwarded to the External Affairs Ministry. At this step, your documents get a rubber stamp along with the name and designation of signature authority.

The educational documents like the matriculation and secondary level certificates, transcript certificates, diplomas, degrees, SSC certificates, affidavits, experience certificates, etc. are first presented before the State Education Department of the issuance state/UT. The legalization here is completed by providing the name and designation seal along with the seal of the department. The step is thus considered complete.

Step #2 Attestation of documents by MEA

Once you have completed the first step of the process and got the state authorities’ attestation, only then, the Ministry of External Affairs attestation is possible. It is so because MEA authenticates the documents based on the stamp and signature of the concerned designated authorities of the state/UT or Ministry of Commerce. It takes no responsibility for the content of the legalized documents. Thus, performing the first step is essential. Now, when you approach the MEA for MEA certificate attestation services in Delhi, the authorities there stamp your records, after which the process is deemed completed, and your documents are considered verified.

Well, essentially, both the MEA document attestation and MEA apostille work along the same motive, that is, to provide legality and authenticity to your documents so that you don’t face any trouble in the foreign nations. However, there still is a difference between the two- in the apostille process, the documents are verified by a stamp, and an apostille sticker pasted at the back of your papers. But in the attestation procedure, the papers are only stamped, and no sticker is attached to the records.

How long does it take for MEA attestation in Delhi?

The time duration for the MEA certificate attestation varies depending upon the kind of documents or the documentation requirements. Therefore, there is no fixed answer to this question. However, if all works out smoothly and there are no specific circumstances, then it is generally maintained that the process can be completed within one or two weeks. But you must note that if your documents also require the HRD authentication, the timeline can be prolonged.

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