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Today migrating to a new city or country has become very common. Unlike the past, when migration was considered a big decision, in the present time, people make this choice without any reservations. People from all sections of life like the lower class strata, the rich and educated, the struggling middle class, and the backward class people often move to foreign nations in search of better jobs, a good working environment, and more opportunities.

Now, migrating to a new space involves many steps that one needs to complete in order to complete the move. Attestation is one such necessary step that needs to be finished to ensure a trouble-free movement across countries. The HRD attestation is a critical part of this attestation process. If you carry out this step smoothly, then the process of relocation can become a lot simpler for you. In our present section, we will discuss this process in a more detailed manner.

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What is HRD attestation in Delhi?

HRD attestation is an important step one that you cannot skip in the whole attestation proceeding. This step is essential for the authentication of degree certificates. So, if you are moving abroad, you can complete this phase by visiting the HRD department of your state/UT to get your documents validated. This step is also popularly known in some regions as the Human Resource Department Attestation because here, the records are legalized at the regional Home Department from where they were initially issued. Finishing this step is necessary if you are moving to a new country for reasons related to employment.

In order to complete the HRD attestation in Delhi, one requires to submit papers such as travel permits, photographs, application structure, unique declarations, all-year score sheets, and the duplicate of an appointive card. Also, one needs to note that the certificates in this step can be validated only by the HRD ministry of the state where it was initially issued. The officials there will validate the certificates after verifying the contents of the documents. Getting the educational certificate attestation here will give you proof of the originality of the particular certificates. The regional HRD is responsible for attesting all the documents issued by the government technical boards, government schools, universities, medical and paramedical institutions, etc.

Once you get the HRD attestation, one step in the process is completed, following which, you can now proceed with your documents to get the MEA attestation.

Now, some of you might be wondering what could be done if you cannot visit the regional HRD ministry yourself to get your papers attested. Well, if that is the case, then you don’t need to worry because the HRD attestation in Delhi can be completed by a blood relative too. So, in case you are stuck somewhere and are unable to visit the HRD ministry, you can request a blood relative of yours (your father, brother, cousin, etc.) to go to the HRD ministry on your behalf with the required documents and the Identity proofs of the two of you.

Educational HRD attestation is useful because in foreign nations, before offering you a job, the employers there would like to see your attested documents. Plus, the HRD attestation is also required when you are applying for a student visa, work visa, or employment visa. The attestation is demanded in all these processes because it proves the legitimacy of your documents.

Well, if you are seeking the answer to this question in one word, then we will say yes. For degree certificates, HRD attestation is essential if you are planning on moving to a new place. This attestation is a critical step in the MEA attestation process, and without it, you cannot carry out the next steps. The educational certificate attestation proves the legitimacy of your documents and renders them valid. Therefore, in this way, it makes it easier for you to find employment in foreign nations. Also, if you are seeking to move to a new country for higher education, even then, you will discover that completing the HRD attestation is a useful step.

The HRD attestation is a lengthy and complicated process. You need to approach the regional HRD ministry, fix an appointment, and go through various steps in order to get a stamp on your educational certificates for completing HRD attestation in India. Now, in order to help you with these complicated steps, many HRD attestation services are functioning in our country. SK Certificate Attestation is one such service where we promise our clients the best services at affordable rates. At our organization, we also make sure to maintain complete transparency with our customers, so they don’t feel lost at any step.

What is the HRD attestation procedure?If you are hoping to get your documents verified by the HRD, you must be familiar with the HRD attestation procedure. In HRD, you need to get the verification done by the local and university authorities first. The whole process mainly consists of 2 main steps.

Certificate Verification

Primary step in the HRD attestation process, where you need to get your documents checked and verified by the university from where the education certificates were initially issued. Without completing this step, you cannot approach the HRD ministry. 

HRD attestation

The next step in the attestation process in Delhi requires a visit to the state/UT HRD ministry. This department is responsible for exclusively attesting the education documents as per the requirements of the embassy.

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